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Bates, J. (2021). Toward a typology of change in Person Marker reference. Submission to  Folia Linguistica (Historica). Submission Draft. 

Bates, J. & McKenzie, A. (2021). A Plural to Singular Reanalysis Cycle. Submission to Journal of Historical Syntax.  JHS Link. PDF

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Marlo, M. & Bates, J. (Submitted). Tiriki Segmental Phonology. book chapter for Marlo, M. (ed.)Tiriki  Grammar Sketch

Ongoing Projects

Presentations & Talks


Unraveling the Wastek Imperfective, Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics (FAMLi) VII. @ UNAM, CDMX, Mexico, February 22 Handout. Slides

AI for Teachers, co-presenter and session leader with Brian Gant & Shane Smith, Fifth ISD Secondary Summit, Independence, MO, January 29


The Maya - From the Formative to Pre-Colonial Periods and Today, guest lecture series for ISD Honors History, Independence, MO, November 15-21

History In Our Hands, presentation on 3D printing for use in anthropology teaching for Truman Heartland Community Foundation at Independence Rotary Club, Independence, MO, May 17, 2022


Bates, J. (2019). Typology of Change in Person Marker Reference, 13thConference for the Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT). Slides. Handout Style

Bates, J. & McKenzie, A. (2019). A Plural to Singular Reanalysis Cycle. 21stDiachronic Generative Syntax (DiGS). Slides. Handout

Bates, J. (2019). Deriving the Eastern Cholan 2nd-Position Polar Question =ka from Proto-Mayan *qa. Comparative Approaches to the Diachronic Morpho-Syntax of the Indigenous Languages of North and Central America (Pre-DiGS Workshop). Slides

Bates, J. (2019). More than just 'a little': Evidence for a low diminutive in Tseltal Mayan. 45ᵒ Incontro di Grammatica Generativa. Poster. Handout


Bates, J. (2018). Person Marking Reanalysis in Six Language Families. KU Child Language Proseminar. Slides.

Bates, J. (2018). The Lowland Mayan First Person Shift In Typological Context. Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics (FAMLi) V. Handout 


Bates, J. (2017). Multiple Exponence in Oxchuc Tseltal. Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America (CILLA) VIII. Slides

Bates, J. (2017). The effect of DIM on Tseltal Person Marking, One Possessor: Two Agreements? 50thAnniversary of KU Linguistics. Poster

Bates, J. (2017). The Essential Role of Indigenous Languages in Identifying Language Universals: The Case of Mayan Person-Making. KU Graduate Research Symposium. Research Outreach Talk. Video


Bates, J. (2015). Preliminary Findings on the Reconstruction of the Mayan Existential Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas (WSCLA) 20. Handout


Bates, J. (2012). Nasal-Consonant Phonology in Tiriki. African Linguistics Workshop 1. Handout

Bates, J. (2012). Linguistics Research, Bantu Linguistics, and the Tiriki Language. URMP Scholars Banquet 2012. Research Outreach Talk.