Teaching Linguistics!

Student Resources


Vowel and Consonant charts with example pronounciations

A helpful video on the articulation of consonants. Check out their YouTube channel HERE for more videos like this.

A guide to identifying and categorizing morphemes, and making morpheme trees


A convenient help sheet for remembering phonological feature descriptions

A flowchart to help ascertain whether two sounds are allophones of the same phoneme or separate phonemes

A step-by-step guide to the format and analysis for writing phonological rules

Syntax 1

Download site for LaTeX: the widest used tree-building software

Documentation for getting started building trees in LaTeX with the Qtree package

Real-time tree generator from bracket structure

Course Instructor

  • LING 106 Introduction to Linguistics

    • Summer 2020

    • Summer 2018

    • Summer 2016

Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • LING 325 Syntax 1

    • Fall 2018 - Instructor: Dr. John Gluckman

    • Fall 2017 - Instructor: Dr. Philip Duncan

    • Fall 2016 - Instructor: Dr. Isaac Gould

  • LING 312 Phonology

    • Spring 2019 - Instructor: Dr. Jie Zhang

    • Spring 2018 - Instructor: Dr. Jie Zhang

  • LING 106 Introduction to Linguistics

    • Spring 2017 - Instructor: Dr. Caitlin Coughlin

    • Spring 2016 - Instructor: Dr. Clifton Pye

    • Fall 2015 - Instructor: Dr. Alison Gabriele