In 2020, I received my Linguistic PhD from the University of Kansas. During my time there I served as the Vice-President (2018) and then President (2019) of the KU Linguistics Graduate Student Association, as well as an editor for the Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics (KWPL) from 2018 to 2020. I also have a Master's Degree in Linguistics from KU, and a BA in Linguistics and a BA in Phyiscs from the University of Missouri.


University of Kansas

  • PhD in Linguistics - Accepted July 24, 2020

Project: Typology & Analysis of Person Marking Referent Shifts

Chair: Andrew McKenzie

  • MA in Linguistics – Accepted September 5, 2018

Project: Typology of Person Marking Referent Reanalysis In Six Language Families

Advisor: Andrew McKenzie

University of Missouri-Columbia

    • B.A. in Linguistics- Research Honors

Project: Nasal-Consonant Phonology in Tiriki

Advisor: Michael Marlo

    • B.A. in Physics

Qualifying Papers

  • Major Qualifying Paper - Accepted August 10, 2019

Project: Referent Reanalysis of the Proto-Mayan First Plural: A Semantic and Pragmatic Account

Chair: Andrew McKenzie

  • Minor Qualifying Paper - Accepted April 10, 2019

Project: The Status of the Tseltal Diminutive ch'in: A Comparative Corpora Analysis

Chair: John D. Gluckman